Q&A with Mitesco’s Managing Partner, Danny Bakhshi

Following the recent strategic alliance between Mitesco Business Partners and Virtuo Executive, we’re delighted to invite Mitesco’s Managing Partner, Danny Bakhshi, to provide his perspective on the partnership and the current business landscape.

Can you provide a short overview of your career background?

I started my career in BT as a purchase ledger clerk posting purchase orders out to suppliers. BT sponsored my studies for the ACCA qualification and over the next 17 years I enjoyed a wide variety of finance roles. My final role in BT was as finance VP responsible for BT’s products globally.

I then joined Vodafone as co-founder and CFO of Vodafone Global Enterprise (VGE) which is now a $2b turnover business. My last couple of years in Vodafone were spent living and working in East Africa, setting up VGE’s pan African division.

On returning to the UK, I took a role as Executive Commercial Director for Virgin Media’s business division, soon after its purchase by Liberty Global, helping to return the business to growth.

My last two corporate roles have been as CFO and company secretary for AIM listed Manx Telecom plc and as Director of International Business Development for Globacom – West Africa’s fastest growing telecoms company. I left Globacom to set up Mitesco earlier this year.

What motivated you to start the Mitesco business?

I have a passion for improving businesses and solving business problems. It is what I have been doing successfully for 30 years. Mitesco gives me the chance to do what I enjoy and what I am good for a wide range of companies. It also gives me the chance to work and partner with some of the exceptional executives I have met throughout my career.

What makes the Mitesco proposition different?                                                                     

We sell fixed term, fixed price business health checks and tailored troubleshooting solutions.

Our health checks have been designed to unlock value creation opportunities in businesses that are often missed because of resource constraints or because of the way businesses are organised. The health checks are a distillation of our business partners’ expertise and experience.

Our tailored troubleshooting solutions solve the challenges companies face right now. We work on short, focussed solutions with clear, tangible benefits that directly impact business performance.

We do not offer strategic consultancy. We do not offer transformation programs. We are business trouble shooters. We solve problems in the here and now. Our business partners are all former directors and senior executives. We know what we are doing and we know what we do works.

Why should companies use external consultants?

Clients may not have the in-house resources or expertise they need. The way companies are organised means opportunities and solutions are often missed. Mitesco business partners provide independent, objective, expert help. We have no agenda other than solving a client’s problems. And with decades of experience in solving business problems and in improving business performance, we know where to find answers.

What’s next for Mitesco?

We want to help as many clients as we can by connecting them with expert business partners who can help them solve problems and overcome their challenges. We want to grow. We will continue to partner with other service providers who are experts in their field so we can offer a wider range of help to customers.

What are the top challenges businesses leaders are facing?

Business leaders have a range of challenges – increasing competition, disruptive technologies, more demanding customers and the challenge to attract the right talent and expertise. In a World of tight resources and competing agendas, they have to juggle these pressures with the short-term objectives of delivering their targets and running their operations day to day.

Mitesco is here to help businesses leaders with today’s challenges – how do I deliver my profit target? How do I increase sales? How can I get my change program back on track? How can I improve teamwork in my business? We make no apologies for our short-term focus. We are here to help businesses with their problems right now.

What advice would you give business leaders to solve these challenges?

You are not alone and do not lose hope. The short-term challenges you have are ones that many business leaders have experienced. Your problems have been solved before. Tap into the expertise and experience of seasoned executives who have resolved problems like yours time and time again. Mitesco business partners are here to help. We can relieve the pressure and allow you the time and space to work out what your strategies and plans for the future are.

From your experience, what are the strongest qualities you’ve seen in leaders and how do said qualities translate into success?

Trust, humility and the ability to bring people together. Leaders who build inclusive, collaborative and supportive cultures create an environment in which teams can perform. And when people work together in teams they can and do achieve great things.

What’s the best piece of advice you received in your career?

Be open and honest with others and yourself.

What future trends do you think we’ll see in business?

The importance of relationships will increase. As the world moves towards more things being done for us by AI, automation and new technology, value will become increasingly focussed around our relationships, our behaviours and our personal brand.

You’ve recently partnered with Virtuo Executive. What’s the reason for the partnership?

The partnership with Virtuo Executive is exciting. For our clients, the partnership means we can solve another common business problem – recruiting the right critical talent for their business. The right senior hire in a business can make the difference between success and failure. The impact the right executive can make on a business cannot be overstated. But getting that decision wrong is a costly mistake.

Virtuo Executive are experts in their field. They enjoy some of the highest success rates in the recruitment industry – 96% of the people they place are still in place a year later, 93% are still in place after 2 years. The investment they make with a client to ensure they find the right person and the continuing after placement care are both exceptional. At Mitesco, we make sure our business partners are experts in what we do. Virtuo Executive are also experts at what they do too.



A boutique search firm, helping technology and outsourcing companies navigate complex, challenging disciplines and senior employment markets to ensure they hire the best talent that will positively impact the business.  Operating as a strategic recruitment partner and offering expertise across executive leadership, finance, commercial management, pricing and bid management.


Mitesco is a business partnering company offering fixed price, fixed term business health checks and tailored business troubleshooting solutions. They believe there are value creation opportunities that are often missed because of resource constraints or the ways companies are organised. Short, focussed Mitesco business health checks have been designed to unlock this value for businesses.