Navigating The Challenges Of Recruiting Bid Management Leaders

Identifying, assessing and hiring the right bid leadership talent can be a challenging task.  There are two key issues which come up time and time again when hiring bid leaders.

The first challenge is aligning key stakeholders to come to a common understanding of the type of bid function required to drive business results, how the function should fit into the sales organisation, and whether a transition process is required to achieve the desired outcome.

The second issue is linked to the first, and requires a clear articulation of the behaviours and characteristics that are required to deliver candidate success within the context of the hiring business.

Virtuo Executive has extensive experience of the senior bid management market and use a selection of specialist assessment tools to increase the effectiveness of the approach, helping clients make better hiring decisions.

Getting it right from the start – role profiling is key!

To ensure we get the hiring right, the brief needs to be right and therefore the role consultation phase is critical.  A key element of this phase is a role profiling assessment where the stakeholders of the role undertake an online behavioural survey.  The purpose is to map the behavioural characteristics they believe are important and are the right fit for the business.  Using this information we can identify any barriers to success from the start, so these can be mitigated before candidate engagement takes place.

The findings of the assessment are shared to show the parts of the role where stakeholders are aligned and the areas where there are conflicting views about the type of person and expectations of the role.  The results are then challenged and refined to create a common perspective.  The benefit this brings to the organisation is that the issues are addressed head-on before going to market so that derailment in the hiring process can be avoided and the right candidate brief is defined.

Once the approved brief is in place, we use our proven research and sourcing methodology to identify the right target candidates.

Psychometric assessment as standard

We use a selection of specialist assessment tools as part of our standard approach to ensure candidates have the right behaviours and competencies for the role.  Fundamental to the approach is that the psychometric assessments are compared and contrasted with the key requirements identified and mapped in the role profiling exercise, to identify compatibility or misalignment.  Importantly, no one tool is used in isolation and by creating multiple layers of assessment, we increase reliability of the results and the probability of success.

Whilst the approach is client driven, the candidate benefits from having a clear insight into the role behaviours required and the culture of the business and is therefore able to make decisions without having to invest valuable time in an interview process where it is clear that the fit is wrong.

This is a short overview of just a few of the tools and service components we use to help our clients gain a competitive edge through the appointments of high calibre strategic bid leaders.  Due to the confidence in our approach (getting the “fit” right) we offer a 12-month guarantee period providing clients with additional peace of mind.


James Goff is the founding director of Virtuo Executive a boutique executive search and recruitment services business with a focus on board, finance, bid, and commercial leadership appointments. James is passionate about helping businesses achieve a competitive edge through the recruitment and support of senior executives.


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