6 Ways In Which Virtuo-intro Will Energise Your Search Process

1)    Increased Retention Rates

Highly refined research and assessment process produces a 96% candidate retention rate after 12 months in the role

2)    Greater Accuracy

Comprehensive behavioural evaluation which generates in-depth profiles of each role and candidate, eliminating the guesswork from the process

3)    Intuitive Online Platform

Using our unique, online Virtuo-intro platform, reviewing your Candidate shortlist is fast and easy, delivering comprehensive, online profiles that can easily be shared with your colleagues anywhere in the world, on any Internet enabled device

4)    Reduced Management Downtime

Structured pre-screening process, utilising video interviews and key competency questionnaires, eliminating time spent interviewing unsuitable candidates. The platform assimilates and presents information in a clear, intuitive way which allows quick and easy evaluation of candidates at a time that is convenient for you

5)    Fewer Hiring Headaches

There are few business mistakes that are more expensive or troublesome than a bad hire. The Virtuo-intro process is so refined, and accurate, that clients rarely experience this problem

6)  Improved Candidate Experience

An advanced, relevant and tailored approach to the recruitment process, increases candidate engagement and improves the hiring experience


To learn more about how we can save time and money on your next recruitment campaign, or for a free online demonstration of Virtuo-intro, simply contact us on: +44 (0) 203 733 2118  or e-mail us at: james.goff@virtuoexecutive.com

Energise Your Search Process